Types of Emails Your Business Should Send ?

Emails are one of the first social media platforms and continue to remain relevant across demographics today. Therefore businesses have been utilizing its facilities in order to get connected to customers far and wide. Even as various other modes of communication penetrate our day-to-day lives, 94% of internet users use an email account. Therefore it is one of the best ways in order to reach a huge pool of customers, as far as businesses are concerned.


When should a business send out emails?

Emails are a great means for businesses to maintain long-term relationships with existing or even potential customers. In fact, 74% of adults are of the opinion that emails are their most preferred channel to receive marketing content.

There are various types of emails that can be sent out by businesses and it is important to switch it up every now and then according to the business requirements to keep the customer engaged.


Types of Emails sent out by Businesses

The communication through mails by businesses can be of various types depending on the purpose of the email being sent. These are few types that are commonly issued to customers by businesses between regular intervals.

Onboarding Emails

It goes without saying that businesses are dependent on their customers and introducing them to the organization and getting them on board for the first time is crucial. Emails are a great way to do this and even traditional businesses ensure that mails go out to customers after their very first purchase. These emails are not focused on selling products or services but simply concentrate on creating the best first impression.

Promotional Emails

Now that customers have subscribed to your emails, a great way to thank them is through discounts and offers specifically curated for them. These emails clearly state the value and duration

New Product Launch Emails

Whenever the business begins a new product or is revamping existing products in new ways, it is important to inform the customer about it. The announcements about this new product launch can begin well in advance of the actual launch so that it creates curiosity among customers and they don’t miss it.

Newsletter emails

Newsletter Emails allow you to share valuable information with the customers in relation to your products. For example, a textile business can give regular fashion tips while a cosmetic business can give regular skin-care advice, etc. These emails also reflect a great deal on how the customer perceives your brand and therefore must be drafted in accordance with the branding of your business.


Although most emails sent by the business are one way, some request for an interactive response from the customers as well. Survey Emails are sent in order to better understand various aspects of the consumer right from varying product preferences to a change in logo. These are usually in the form of a survey with a few brief questions that the receiver can quickly fill up.


How often is not too often to send an email?

Bombarding customers with too much information can end up receiving an adverse reaction from what was expected. Sending too many emails within extremely short intervals can lead to customers marking such mail as spam because it fills up their inbox or they may even unsubscribe for good.

So what is the right number of mails a business must send across? The truth is that there is no magic number and it all up to the nature of your business and its customers to find a sweet spot between being too frequent and regular.

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