Digital Marketing Campaigns & Different types of Campaigns?

What are digital marketing campaigns?

Digital Marketing Campaigns are full-fledged strategies that aim at promoting your product online through generating an increase in engagement, traffic, and conversion. Although such campaigns can help boost your online leads to a great extent it is important to understand that huge investment goes into such campaigns, and so a well-thought-out plan is necessary before actually rolling it out. Moreover, these strategies have very different implications depending on the nature of your business and its products, so educating yourself about the different possibilities is crucial.

Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns

Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry in their book “Digital Marketing for Dummies” broadly categorize the types of Digital Marketing Campaigns into 3 — Acquisition campaigns, Monetization campaigns, and Engagement campaigns. According to them, businesses may have many different objectives but most often they will all fall into one of the three categories.

  1.     Acquisition campaigns

These campaigns are carried out when a business’s primary focus is to acquire new prospects and customers. This need usually arises during the initiation of a business or the launch of a product whilst you are trying to create awareness amongst the public.

The process of such campaigns begins by creating awareness among customers and then moves on to strike an engagement with them. The next step is to get them to subscribe to your content and finally if all goes well, they convert from a prospect to a customer.

  1.     Monetization campaigns

When the objective is to generate sales from existing customers or even get existing customers to buy from more expensive premium product categories, Monetization Campaigns come into the picture. These campaigns target profit maximization from customers that have been generated through Acquisition Campaigns.

The first step of such a campaign is to excite the audience who have already engaged with your website and may gradually be losing interest. The excitement is a pathway to push a few prospects to ascend to the next level and purchase more of the same product, or costlier products.

  1.     Engagement campaigns

Marketing does not end with conversion and continues through Engagement Campaigns. These are campaigns that help you build a relationship with your brand and build a community that can interact not just with the brand but with each other.

Begin by giving a platform to your customers to narrate stories about their experience with your brand in turn creating advocates who can stand up for your brand online. The ultimate and most rewarding step is to get these customers to promote your product over their individual online spaces like YouTube channels or Instagram handles.

Factors to consider when rolling out Campaigns

Digital Marketing Campaigns are a lot more than just placing a few advertisements over various digital platforms like social media and websites. The success of your campaign will depend on various components such as how well you understand your target audience or how suitable the campaign was with respect to your product.

The following are a few factors that you may want to consider while curating a Digital Marketing Campaign.

State a Concrete Goal

As discussed earlier every business carries out marketing campaigns for achieving a specific goal. It may be to create brand awareness, increase social media followers, improve SEO of the brand, etc. These have to be well defined and so that there is a definite yardstick to continuously measure the performance during execution.

Identify the Target Market

Your target market refers to the customers you are planning to reach. These may be different from those that you have already acquired and therefore an effective study has to be made stating the demographic features of the audience you wish to achieve.

Develop Personas

Based on the demographic features of your target markets create a more detailed description of the ideal consumer. This helps you delve much deeper and go for a more focused approach.

Examine your Budget

It is important to examine your digital marketing campaign budget to ensure that it is realistic based on your goals. This will dictate how effectively the resources of the business are put into use to generate the best results.


The blueprint that you create for a Digital Marketing Campaign depends on many factors, with your product and its customers at the forefront. It is important to measure the changes of performance with reference to this blueprint throughout the campaign and ensure that any deviances are dealt with with utmost caution, for a successful campaign completion.


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