Automation: The Future of Digital Marketing?

Automation: The Future of Digital Marketing?

Automation is something that has gradually become an important part of every industry over the years and digital marketing is no exception. Marketing automation is a field that has been quickly advancing and being widely accepted by a huge number of companies due to the efficiency that it is able to generate.

What are some benefits of Automation in Digital Marketing?

Saves Time:

Data plays a major role in marketing and although we say “the more the better”, it can be a tedious and almost impossible task to manually derive conclusions from such huge chunks of data.

Automation tools are a great way to quickly crunch large databases and obtain the most accurate results.

Completes Monotonous Tasks:

Automation allows various mundane and monotonous activities to be completed at the click of a button. This gives time and energy to valuable human resources of the company to focus on tasks that require the creativity and skill of the human mind.

Solid Measure of Success:

Marketing Campaigns involve substantial investments and it is important to evaluate the success of such campaigns throughout their execution.

Automation tools can help report the performance of your campaigns in real-time and some even forecast their rate of success ahead of time making it easy to decide whether or not to go further.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Automation Tools

  1. Marketo

Marketo is a popular Digital Marketing Automation tool that has been acquired by Adobe. One of the major reasons for its widespread acceptance is the ability for it to engage with any digital channel with absolute efficiency. The platform has all sorts of tools ranging from email marketing and social media marketing all the way to budget management, website personalization, and more.

  1. HubSpot

Although Hubspot is primarily an “inbound marketing software”, it offers some great Digital Marketing tools as well. The HubSpot Academy has a detailed guide on exactly how one can maneuver the software and build their marketing strategy from the ground up, using various digital channels.

  1. is an automation tool that is all about personalization and customer-centricity. It allows you to send targeted emails or messages to a particular customer on detecting specific customer behavioral patterns. This helps keep the users engaged and moreover creates a bond between the business and its customers.

  1. Pardot

Pardot is a B2B Salesforce product and is essentially a lead generation and nurturing system which helps companies to observe and evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. The insights that they gain and further used to create personalized content for campaigns.  

  1. Sendinblue

Email marketing and email services utility are the fundamental functions facilitated by Sendinblue. This tool helps curate personalised and engaging emails in a matter of time with the help of user-friendly templates. It also helps create automated workflows for campaigns that involve multi-step and multi-channel processes with utmost ease.

Will Digital Marketing be completely automated in the future?

The myth of automation taking over industries has been busted several times in the past and the same goes with digital marketing.  Automation plays a crucial part in enabling the smooth and easy implementation of Digital Marketing. Especially with the multitudes of data coming in it would be impossible to make full use of it unless we use such technology.

But that being said, digital marketing is a creative business that requires the powerful human brain to actively be involved at many levels for the best results to be achieved.

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