7 Reasons Why Email Marketing is your Best Bet

Among various Digital Marketing tools, emails are one of the most widely used. Even as they are over 50 years old they continue to evolve and remain extremely relevant. In fact, it is used more widely today than ever before. However, with the introduction of various other social media platforms that support marketing, it is easy to lose sight of exactly how crucial email marketing is to your Digital Marketing Mix, but in reality, it is the secret tool to your digital success! 
  1. Impeccable ROI rates
There is no doubt that compared to traditional methods the investment for email marketing in terms of both time and money is extremely low. Nevertheless, email marketing strategies continue to reap some of the highest returns, especially when compared to other forms of online marketing.
  1. Tailor-made Messages
Long gone are the days in which generic emails are mass distributed to customers, forcing them to mark such emails as spam to de-clutter their inboxes. Today data allows mails to be in a more personalized format based on the purchase behaviour of each customer, and moreover, these emails are only sent out to those on a consensual basis. This helps create a one-on-one relationship with every customer.   
  1. Initiates a two-way communication
One of the best ways to keep a check on the pulse of the customers is by sending out surveys requesting their feedback through emails. This gives the opportunity for the business to interact with the customers and keep track of their valuable evaluation of various elements.
  1. Building Website traffic
Emails are one of the best ways to direct traffic to your website and therefore an effective great email marketing campaign can help you improve the SEO of your website. Every time you create great content you can give the customers a taste of it through emails and thereby lure them towards more exciting content.
  1. No more awkward self-promotion
Although every business needs to ensure that their customers are regularly reminded of their existing products as well as new features and launches however amidst many brands in the market this can annoy the customer and therefore it is always an awkward job to promote oneself. Fortunately, this worry has been put to an end, with the idea of email subscriptions. The customers that choose to opt-in are just as excited to know every update of your product, thereby creating a comfortable platform for self-promotion.
  1. Protecting your online followership
An important feature that mailing lists possess is that they are owned by your business, unlike various other social media platforms where the platform owns the followers. If that platform ceases to exist your hard-earned followership simply vanishes. Emails protect your list of contact that helps generate leads and build your online presence which is the foundation of digital marketing.
  1. Generates Sales
 Email Marketing is an extremely attractive medium for impulse buying. Effective formulation of the emails has proved to generate more sales than any other social media platforms especially because it is the only medium through which the customer can go from viewing the product offers to check out in a matter of a couple of clicks.  

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